Please intrduce yourself to our audience.

I am a celebrity, faith and entertainment journalist who specializes in gleaning success strategies from those at the top of their game in various fields in order to help people determine their life’s purpose. I’ve been blessed to be able to land interviews with Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, successful business owners and today’s influencers who all open up and share empowering advice to help others step up and into their greatness.  I get excited when I have an opportunity to help people realize their God given potential and destiny.  It’s a gift to help others discover who they are.    I am also a minister serving on the Ministerial Alliance at Greater Mt Calvary Holy Church located in Washington DC.

 Tell us about your business.

I’ve always had a passion to hear the stories of how successful people became successful and I’ve turned that into the business– Gospel Access.  Gospel Access is a media outlet that brings to you the testimonies of the ultra-successful and most accomplished individuals from all walks of life.  We have real, genuine conversations where you are able to hear what they encountered on their journey to access their personal greatness.  The dialogue is transparent, the discussions are wide ranging and there is nothing scripted so you will hear the good, the bad and the ugly!

Our mission is simple-we want others to be inspired by the interviews that they see and motivated by the testimonies that they hear to the point that they do something with what God has placed in their hands.  As a person watches the interviews showcased you will be able to plainly see how God blesses people.  Our business is about the business of encouraging folks to step up and into their own personal greatness.

How do you bounce back after a setback!?

After I’ve encountered a setback the first thing that I try to do is look at why I got setback in the first place.  What could I have done differently?  What did I potentially miss along the way that caused me to now be here?  Then I make sure that I do not beat myself up over having to experience a setback.  A lot of times we will allow our setbacks to imprison us and keep us stuck in that place.  I use my setback as a counselor and not a jailer and learn from it knowing that on the other side of this is victory!  To bounce back you’ve got to simply KEEP GOING!

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a book project along with furthering the Gospel Access brand.    I’ve got some really exciting interviews lined up that are chock full of wisdom nuggets that are going to help others get to the next level in their lives.

 What does the word influence mean to you?

Influence deals with a person’s ability to effect the lives of others. Each of us through our actions will either be a bad influence or a good influence, so we must always ask ourselves ‘What do others get when they interact with me?’ The ability to impact another person’s development and the capacity to sway someone else’s decision is a powerful thing. You can literally change the direction of a person’s life all through the power of influence!

How can people stay connected with you?

I’d love to stay connected with you!  You can connect with me at the following locations:

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