Please introduce yourself and business:
My name is Tamara Barnes and I’m the owner of 2BVET’D Sports & Entertainment. 2BVET’D is a full-service Sports & Entertainment agency.  We specialize in athlete, modeling and artist management. 
What inspired you to pursue this area of interest?
My pursuit of this business came from my love of sports! I absolutely enjoy watching football and boxing. The business side of it really intrigued me as well. I feel that my passion for sports, my tenacity for helping people coupled with my business and finance background led me to open this business. 
What does “Influence” mean to you?
Influence to me means the art of persuasion. 
Share a tip for ladies interested in a similar pursuit:
Network with other Agents by joining ‘Women in Sports’ groups and attend sports conferences.
What is next for you in 2020?
2020 is the Year of Signing for my agency.  We’re looking for Boxers and Music Artists this year. You can find us on Social Media:
Facebook: @2BVETDSPORTS 
Instagram; @2BVETDSPORTS