Please introduce yourself to our audience.

​My name is Taquoya Porter. I am a wife, mother of three and minister. I love my family and I love the family of God. 

Tell us about your business.

The ministry God has given me is multifaceted. The PRESS Movement is a big part of my ministry. In 2012, out of death, He spoke life and purpose into me. He used a low point in my life to give me the vision for the PRESS Movement. PRESS stands for Prayer Reaches Every Single Situation.  What started as a project for my youth group has evolved into books, campus ministries, community clubs, conferences and a spiritual gateway for the youth involved to learn access to God for themselves. 

Likewise, over the last few years, I have begun coordinating missions trips geared towards young people, but open to others as well. I would like to continue to work in areas where there may be a small church presence that needs assistance to grow in the area. I feel mandated in my spirit to bring strength to the churches while exposing our youth to missions work. 

Finally, TM Camps have always been a part of my life. My mother began the Youth Camp in 1980. In the last decade or so, I coordinate the Youth Camp alongside her. We have had attendees from 33 states, Canada, and hundreds of churches. In 2014, I added to the roster a Children’s Camp that is growing and a fun and powerful encounter with God for our children. Additionally, TM added a Pastors and Leaders Camp in 2018.

What does the word influence mean to you?

Influence to me signifies impact. A person with influence impacts others intentionally and unintentionally. I believe there are many people with titles who lack impact. I would rather have impact than a title. Impact (influence) is a catalyst for introspection and change. I recognize the responsibility of influence is that you do not choose when to be influential so you must be guarded and Godly because when you have impact, everything you do counts. It is my goal in life to impact as many people as the Lord will allow.

How do you bounce back after a setback!?

I have learned how to be weak before Jesus so He can be strong in me. I often tell people that if they could see me at home when I pray alone, they would see me do a lot of “ugly” crying- The kind of cry that your shoulders go up and down, bags are under your eyes, trying to catch a breath, words don’t form in your mouth… There is absolutely nothing cute or “put together” about the way I cry out to Jesus at times.  Crying out to Jesus has saved my life, mind, ministry… It has saved me. We are not always equipped to bounce back, but when Jesus is your sustainer, He lifts you and leaves others wondering how did you not only survive, but conquer what was designed to keep you down. I cannot stay down. He got up. He is in me. It is in me to get up.  He is my strength and I am safe when weak with Him because He never leaves me in my weakened state. 

How can people stay connected with you?

Facebook @thepressmovement

(Missions & Camp Related)

Taquoya Porter has been saved since she was 7. Since she was 16 years old, she has been serving young people as a Sunday School teacher, then youth Bible classes and then as Youth Pastor of Turning Point where she is responsible for the programming and spiritual well-being of about 150 young people. She impacts even more lives now that she is Co-Director of TM Youth Camp and founder of TM Children’s Camp.  She has traveled around the globe ministering locally and in places like Kenya and the Guatemala. Most recently, she has coordinated medical clinics, food distribution and other services in the Dominican Republic- as well a Crusade. She is anointed, and chosen by the Lord.

She founded the PRESS (Prayer Reaches Every Single Situation) Movement which has been used to establish PRESS clubs throughout the country. This movement is designed by God and allows youth to be used to minister to other youth when the PRESS travels and in the clubs. Over 20,000 people follow the PRESS movement online and hundreds have participated in the clubs yet, it’s just getting started. 

She has her B.S. in Marketing and minor in Spanish from Indiana University. She has been blessed to be mother of three and wife of 18 years.