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Talking Credit With Jeri

How did you get in business? It’s funny how it happened, but my business was birthed out of my own struggles with credit and money. In 2014 I had a 545 credit score, and I desperately wanted to get me and my two children out of our small 2 bedroom apartment and into a...

Meet The Incredible Jasmine Monk

Tell us about your business? We are a one-stop shop for small business owners offering General admin, Marketing & Tech services. Think of us as your productivity tool. We take the Administrative/Marketing/Tech tasks off your hands which in return helps you grow...

Hermanie! Hermanie! Hermanie!

What I love about the International pageant is the fact it’s a platform base. Meaning you have to show leadership in the community by either solving an issue or bring awareness to cause. The beauty is that each contestant chooses their own platform. We make sure it is...

MizCEO is coming to New Orleans!

And she has her BOSS CHICKZ with her! Plan to get educated, informed, enlightened, inspired, and motivated to take your business to the next level! The first event is SOLD OUT, but the second event still has seats available! Please see flyers for details!

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