Jeri Toliver

Jeri Toliver

Financial Expert

How did you get in business?

It’s funny how it happened, but my business was birthed out of my own struggles with credit and money. In 2014 I had a 545 credit score, and I desperately wanted to get me and my two children out of our small 2 bedroom apartment and into a place we could call our own. So, I hired someone to help me, and got scammed. So , I took it upon myself to learn everything I could about credit. In doing so, I was able to raise my score from 545 to 765 in 8 months, and purchased my home shortly after.

Then, my friends and family started asking me how I did it. I helped them using the same methods I learned and it spiraled into a full-blown business. I quit my job in January of 2016, and here we are 3 years later with online programs, a social platform, and community of others on the same path to better credit.

What is the biggest misconception about your business?
The biggest misconception is that we are a credit repair business. FLYY Credit is NOT solely a credit repair business .Although we do help with repairing credit,  we offer so much more. We provide the education (financial and credit literacy) that will help you gain the knowledge that it takes to obtain credit so that you can live the life that you desire. Not only do we offer credit restoration services, but I have a host of different courses that are tailored towards equipping you with skills that it takes to save more money, pay off your debt, make smarter investments, and more!


What is the biggest achievement you’ve achieved in your business so far?

My biggest achievement so far is making it lol! I know it sounds cheesy and obvious, but you have no idea (or maybe you do) how hard entrepreneurship has been for me. To totally have to rely on your skills and judgement to feed your family, feed your family and others is a HUGE responsibility I wasn’t confident in taking on. But, everyday my team helps me move the needle in the right direction. Every day they show me grace and understanding when I make mistakes. And for that I am grateful.


Jeri’s 5 Credit Tips For Businesses?

Tip #1: If your goal is better credit, the first tip is to get in the know. Pull your credit reports and scores, and see where you stand right now! There’s no chance in improving something when you don’t know where you are.

Tip #2: Pinpoint the pitfalls- Take look at your credit reports rather than the scores. Your scores are simply a representation of what’s on your reports- think of it as your financial report card. Do you have collections, late payments, charge-offs, bankruptcy? If so, the damage must be fixed.

Tip #3: Dispute the inaccuracies- Finding negative accounts can be disheartening. But, what you should know is that it’s not a permanent thing. You’d be amazed at how many accounts on your credit may have inaccurate information reporting that could potentially get that account removed. That’s right, you can get inaccurate, erroneous accounts deleted from your credit reports and raise your scores. All you need are the right tools. [See Flawless Credit]

Tip #4: Rebuild your credit- After you repair your credit, or if you don’t have any negative accounts reporting, you can start the building journey. There are several ways to build credit- adding rental history, using authorized user tradelines, Experian boost, opening a secured/unsecured credit card or loan.

Tip #5: Keep it sexy- Sexy credit are scores that are typically 720 or above. In order to get yourself there and stay there never pay any accounts lates, never max out your credit cards, and never close any established accounts. If you take care of your credit, it will take care of you.

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