Please introduce yourself to our audience. My name is LaKisha Irby and I’m an entrpreneur and lover of life.
Tell us about your business. I’m currently the owner of an early childhood facility along with my sister and a homecare agency. My sister and me are also real estate investors and the owners of a logistics company.
What are you currently working on? I’m currently working on the completion of a few certifications, expanding my businesses, and my doctorate. 
What does the word influence mean to you? Influence is the positive or negative effect one has on another. My goal and prayer is to have a positive influence on others and give them hope. If God did it for me, He will certainly do it for you. Divorce didn’t have the final say, becoming a single mother from that divorce didn’t have the final say, lack of finances didn’t have the final say, and the list goes on. Hope and faith is what I hope to share.
How do you bounce back after a setback!? The way I bounce back from a setback is by reminding myself of what God said first. If God said it, then it’s true. In life, we must learn how to dust ourselves off and place the life jacket on ourselves before we are any good to anyone else. As a leader, God gives us the grace to bounce back rather quickly to continue to carry out his purpose, desire, and destiny for our lives.
How can people stay connected with you? People can stay connected to me via
FB: LaKisha Irby
Instagram: lakishamirby