Please share a bit about your journey to becoming a Published Author.

 My journey started over 20 years ago. I started writing my first book in 1999 as just a hobby, which means I wasn’t consistent with it at first. It wasn’t until I let a few people read the book and give me feedback that I considered publishing it. I launched the book, w this year. As you can see, it took 20 years for me to build up the courage to publish, set fear aside, and get out of my way.

 What piece of advice would you share with anyone who feels hesitant to pursue their dream?

 Wow, great question! That goes back to what I mentioned previously. It took 20 years for me to build up the courage to move forward and realize the only thing stopping me from getting to my dream was me! Don’t let fear stop you, and don’t be your stumbling block! If this is truly your dream, the only way to make it happen is to step out and do it.


What does the word “influence” mean to you?

Influence, to me, is a powerful word that carries much responsibility. It gives power because people look up to influential figures. For example, you have Barack Obama, who influenced a generation just by showing young boys and young men how to treat his wife.

What is next for you in 2020 and how can readers support your brand?

I will be a featured Co-Author of a book titled “Glambitious Guide to Winning in 2020”, which will be released this month. I will be a panelist at the All White Glambitious Atlanta Expo in March as well as a panelist at the All White Brunch in New Orleans for Essence Fest. I’ll be attending the National Black Book Festival in Houston in October. And so much more! Readers can support my brand by purchasing Tryals and Trybulations, which is available on my website as well as

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