Please tell us about your brand.

I am a Supreme Performance and Professional Development Coach, and my passion and purpose is to help people eclipse the fear in their lives.  I’ve had a lot of experience facing and overcoming challenges.  As an attorney, CPA, certified Christian Life Coach, and New Thought Christian Practitioner (minister), I have had to confront feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. I worked myself into a severe state of stress, developing stage 4 endometriosis that required multiple surgeries that resulted in the removal of my uterus, ovaries, cervice, appendix, several inches of my bowel, and pelvic nerve damage.


In working through the mindset that led to my “come to Jesus” moment, I wrote my fourth book “Knocked Down, Set Straight:  Face It, Speak It, Forgive It, Release It!”.  In it I share my story, and many others like it, where fears that related to family, friendships, career and business decisions made me embrace the pain of those situations and use it for my ultimate gain.  In so doing, I developed a system to face my fears head on and put them behind me once and for all.  I now share this system, called the Aggregate Intelligence™ Enhancement System ® with my clients to help them live prosperous and successful lives.

What are you currently working on?

I’m very excited to have commenced my book tour to help others Eclipse the Fear in their lives.  “Knocked Down, Set Straight” was a long time coming – five years in fact – and I want to empower as many people as the Father allows.  We have developed wonderful resources to ensure people stay connected and supported.  Our Leading Through Living app will be available for download from the iTunes and Google Play stores in time for the holiday season.  And we have a host of webinars to keep the momentum going at home and work when things get tough.

What caused you to want to help women succeed like you do?

“When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy” is an old saying that encapsulates the truth of women being the love-source of our families and communities.  We are adept of supporting, encouraging, and uplifting others… and put ourselves last in the process.  In so doing, women are more stressed and unhappy with their lives as a whole.  We work to achieve our idea of success – money, house, car, career, well-cared for family – without looking “weak” or tired.  In trying to be everything to everyone (superwoman syndrome), women many times develop stress-related illnesses that destroy their quality of life, and sometimes the quantity as well.


It happened to me.  I had achieved all the external trappings of success, but was sick most days due to the pain from fibroids and endometriosis, hiding my hair loss, and wearing a “happy mask” over the confusion and fear that had become my life.


I don’t regret what I went through, as my faith grew, my relationship with the Lord deepened, and I was set on a new course to help people face, speak, forgive, and release the fears that chased them toward their pain and troubles.

What can people expect from you in 2020?

My national book tour will be in full swing, so I am delighted about the possibility of meeting your readers!  My podcast “Eclipse the Fear” is launching in the spring, so stay tuned!  And I’ll be speaking at a number of major conferences so be on the lookout!

 What is your definition of collaboration over competition?

I define collaboration as working together and competition as working separate and apart from one another.  The former, when equally yoked parties are aligned, lead to the formation of great nations.  The latter, unchecked by principles and ethics, leads to war.

 What is the one thing that 2019 taught you?

2019 is still teaching me!  But the major lesson that came this year is to let go and let God.  It wasn’t until I released my media company in the spring that God allowed the birth of my book in the fall.  It wasn’t until I let go of publishing magazines and other authors’ books that God was able to position me to speak to the pain in my life and view it as transformative rather than destructive.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share this message in my book, speaking, and this wonderful interview.  Thank you.

Lynita Mitchell Blackwell

Lynita Mitchell Blackwell


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