Please introduce yourself to our audience.
My name is T. Dionne Reddick I’m from Orlando, Fl

Tell us about your business.
My business is a luxury skin care business where I make hand made soaps, body butters, sugars scrubs and more.

What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m working on a coarse to coach business owners how to transition into full time entrepreneurs.

What does the word influence mean to you?
To me, influence means the ability to the ability to have an effect on others.

How do you bounce back after a setback!?
It’s funny you ask that question, because this past weekend that’s exactly what happened to me. I took the time that I needed for some healthy head space, then I started writing down the creative ideas I had, and from there my mojo slowly returned.

How can people stay connected with you?
All Social Media my handle is @bodyessencebydionne or you can email me at:


Dionne Reddick, born 3/12/74 in Orlando, Fl.  After attending public schools in Orlando, she went on to attend and graduate from Florida A&M University, earning a BA in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Speaking, she then went on to be enrolled in the inaugural class of the FAMU College of Law.  During law school, she had the pleasure of doing her internship with famed attorney L. Londell McMillan, of the McMillan Firm, who is famously known for changing the artist formally known as Prince’s name to “the symbol” which was a ground breaking case earning him the rights the Master recording’s back to the artist.  That internship with Londell provided her the opportunity to work with many celebrities including Prince, Oprah Winfrey and many more. 

Fast forward to 4/25/15, when, out of necessity and the desire to have an all-natural skin care product she created a body butter for herself, sharing this product with family and receiving great feedback about how remarkable they thought her body butter was, her brother posted the finished product on social media, the comments for orders started coming in from others that sought after the same need to have a product of this kind and the request for products started pouring in.  Since business was not her background, during the first few years of launching her business she realized it was more of an expensive hobby, than a business at all. Having the determination to succeed at doing something she loved doing and having a product that others loved as well, in Q4 of 2017 she hired a business coach.  The coach’s first two questions were, “What have you made” and “What are your goals”? She had no answer for either. Keeping those two key questions in mind, her business has grown over 600% and she’s now earning more in her business that she does in her 9-5.  Dionne is now not only a physical product maker, but her brand has expanded into coaching as well as a public speaker, she now offers one on one coaching, class trainings and Speaking at company events.