Potential career paths

More people than ever want to become a Certified Life Coach, so don’t wait, ACT NOW. We have very easy payment plans available.


More people than ever want to become a Certified Coach, so don’t wait, ACT NOW. We have very easy monthly payment plans available.

Potential career paths


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Program Summary

Upon completion of this program you would be a certified life coach trainer and a partner would be as well. As a bonus you could also be certified in the area of business: entrepreneur coach. (More details to come) You would receive ONE teachable program in Word format for easy modification:
Life Coach program (twelve lessons)

You will also receive a crash course in opening and running your own program.

Program Goals

Provide potential student with all materials needed for training. All forms and material are fully editable for you to use your brand.

Program Methodology

Whether you picture your thriving life coach training company as an online business, in person coach training business, a business where the training is done by phone or a combination of all three methods you will have access to invaluable tools and information that have proven results.

Program Prerequisites

Working knowledge of the English language and a passion for the coaching business. No business experience, coaching certifications or accrediting required. We strongly recommend life coaching experience. (Phone us if you would like a special deal for taking a coaching program and this program. both can be completed at the same time.)

Graduation Requirements

Unlike other coaching programs, this program only requires one assignment. There is no final exam.

You need to have a zero balance on your student account.


Upon graduation, you will receive:

  • Life Coach Trainer Certification Certificate
  • MizCEO Society for Coaches logo
  • Life Coach Training Materials License
  • Fully editable Life Coach Training Materials to add your own brand.
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Module 1 Coaching Basics
  • What is a coach?
  • What is a coaching?
Module 2

Understanding the ICF

  • How much power does the ICF hold?
Module 3

Unlocking Your Client’s Passion

  • What is the coach’s job?
  • How do you know your client need to find their passion?
  • Is there anything that can stop a client from finding their passion?
  • How do I help my client discover their passion?
  • The Golden Rule of Coaching


Jessica L. Mosley

Jessica L. Mosley


A talented and dedicated media relations professional, Jessica Mosley, has more than seven years of experience helping organizations communicate more effectively. She has developed strategic communications plans, garnered extensive media coverage, produced marketing materials, coordinated special events, and a host of other communications activities. She is regularly invited to speak to female business owners and industry leaders on a variety of topics, including the business benefits of social networking, and strategic management of communications activities.

Payments are easy.  Send via Paypal to:  taylor.jessica46402@gmail.com

ALL SALES ARE FINAL—No Refunds or exchanges on services purchased; especially once services have begun.


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