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Jessica Mosley

MizCEO Entrepreneurial Brand

A talented and dedicated media relations professional, Jessica Mosley, has more than seven years of experience helping organizations communicate more effectively. She has developed strategic communications plans, garnered extensive media coverage, produced marketing materials, coordinated special events, and a host of other communications activities.

She is regularly invited to speak to female business owners and industry leaders on a variety of topics, including the business benefits of social networking, and strategic management of communications activities.

Dr. Shekina Moore

International Coaching Institute

Dr. Shekina Farr Moore is an educator, author and gender & social justice advocate. She is the Founder of ZOOM CON and the CEO of B2F Girls Worldwide, a gender empowerment incubator that produces advocacy initiatives, campaigns and events.

She has spoken out against gender oppression and disempowerment since 1992, penning her first published article, “Blocking Out the Gender Gap”, while a high school student. This article garnered the attention of the National Press for Women.

She is also the author of Blah to Fierce, Beautiful, Big-boned and Brown and co-author of When Dark Chocolate is Bittersweet: Controversy Within A Culture. She has since received many national and community awards for her work with social justice and gender advocacy, including the Volunteer Service Award signed by President Barack Obama and a standing ovation and read resolution by the GA House of Representatives. In 2015, she was named among Atlanta’s “Who’s Who” and was recognized as one of 52 Empowering Women Who Empower Girls in 2014. She has been featured for her work in gender advocacy by many publications, including The Huffington Post. Learn more about Dr. Moore at www.B2Fgirls.org.

Dr.Valeka Moore

Empowerment Thru Expression

Dr. Valeka Moore is a wife and mother. She is the CEO/ founder of Empowerment Thru Expression, LLC Therapy Center & Mind Spa. She is also a licensed therapist, coach, speaker, author and minister. Dr. Valeka has worked in the mental health field since 2001, in various capacities and with several client types. Affectionately known as Dr. V. and the Transformation Activator, she is passionate about empowering amazing women leaders, to shift from being stuck, confused and frustrated by teaching them strategies to transform their minds, businesses and lives, as they fully embrace and activate the next level of their God given purpose and brilliance!

Dr. Valeka continues to serve clients across the country, through individual and group coaching experiences and speaking platforms, on topics to include, mental wellness, mental transformation, personal development, life transition, self care and entrepreneurship.

Dr.Leslie Hodge

The Power of A Sound Mind

As a pharmacist, entrepreneur, speaker, author, certified coach, and radio host, Dr. Leslie Hodge creatively pairs her passion for people with her commitment to serving others. As a a highly sought-after resource for information, Dr. Hodge selflessly equips, enhances, and empowers the lives of people from all walks of life.

Dr. Hodge was reared in a Christian household that promoted education and service. Throughout her life, she remained mindful of the biblical passage:” I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Leslie Hodge, PharmD, RPh successfully earned her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Purdue University. She also holds American Pharmacists Association (APhA) certifications in Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery and Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services.

For over 14 years, Dr. Hodge has helped others daily as a practicing Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager with a national retail pharmacy chain. With a spirit of excellence and a heart for people, her professional success is enhanced by community service involvement locally and internationally.

Dr. Hodge’s service record includes the implementation of local community events for the national “Know Your Medicine-Know Your Pharmacist” health initiative, organizer of Ask-A-Pharmacist for annual community back-to-school health fairs, as well as accompanying local high school students to Swaziland, where she served as the coordinating pharmacist during a Seeds of Outreach Tour. At the end of serving as the pharmacy cohort leader for an area high school, Dr. Hodge founded The Reflections (Do You See What I See) Program.

The Reflections Program – a community Christian based program, was developed to promote the discovery and enhancement of positive self-esteem, self-image, and self-awareness of girls ages 14- 18.

Dr. Hodge’s commitment to inspiring others and positively impacting the Indianapolis community, was recognized with a YWCA Woman of The Year nomination, as well as being named the recipient of The Ford Freedom Unsung Hero Award for Education. Operating in her commitment to service and being a resource for patients and families to better manage their medications and improve their health, Dr. Hodge launched Scripts & Beyond, LLC – A Pharmacist Focused On YOU™. Scripts & Beyond is a medication review and consulting company which specializes in providing one-on-one medication therapy management services. The personalized services are provided by pharmacists, who use their clinical expertise to review the current medication regimen, recommend medication alternatives and lifestyle changes and help create a plan to achieve optimal health outcomes, for each patient.

Vanessa Rogers

Bounce Back Indiana

Kangoo Club Bounce for Life is here to encourage, inspire and motivate you to have fun while working out as you embrace your new life and fitness journey. As a RN, I love assisting folks reach their fullest potential and best quality of life. That applies to the fitness world, as well.

I’m passionate about helping you reach your health and fitness goals! You see, I’ve struggled with weight issues too. Since my early 20’s I’ve tried all kinds of diets and like most gained my weight back – plus more. In 2013 I became a Certified Zumba instructor and I started teaching Zumba. Did I mention that I was also 75 pounds overweight at the time? But, this time was different. I incorporated some new things like clean eating, portion control, cardio, and strength training. A personal trainer kept me on track with my daily regimen. You know what? The weight started falling off!

Now, I am here to help you reach your health and fitness goals using the exercise and proper nutrition skills I’ve learned.

Why Kangoo Dance and Kangoo Power?

I am also a Kangoo Dance Instructor. I tried my first Kangoo Power class in October 2016 and absolutely loved bouncing (rebounding). It’s a safe and effective way to shed pounds while having fun. It was such an awesome workout that I decided to get licensed in Kangoo Dance in November 2016. January 2017 I received my license in Kangoo Power and started teaching classes in April. I can truly say that Kangoo Power is one of the best cardio workouts I’ve ever experience. September 2017 I received my Kangoo Boot Camp license. I also earned my AFAA/NASM group certification. I am in the process of receiving my personal trainer’s license.

My fitness journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s worth it. I continue to work daily to maintain my weight loss and fitness goals, and I will support others on their journey. I am also here to remind my skinny people that skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Eating healthy and exercising is the best goal for all shapes and sizes.

Yolanda Jerry

Domestic Violence Abuse Advocate

Dr. Yolanda Jerry is a retired Air Force veteran, speaker, author, life coach, and entrepreneur. She impacts many around the world with her passionate, bold and fierce approach to living life. Individuals and organizations have been impacted by her powerful, relevant and relatable messages as she advocates for truth, healing, resiliency and empowering growth. She coaches, inspires and empowers victims/survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and youth bullying. She shares her story as a sexual assault and domestic violence survivor and what it takes to no longer be a victim but a Victor! Dr. Jerry empowers her audience to embrace their past and grow to their next level, personally and professionally. Men and women who have been positively impacted by Dr. Jerry’s content are more empowered to create the best version of themselves and become intentional in their life’s purpose and execution of their goals.

Dr. Yolanda Jerry is the Founder/CEO of YJ Empowerment Solutions, LLC. She is the Business Manager for iRunMS Entertainment, LLC and also a Research Specialist with the University of Virginia. She’s a contributing author in the collaborative book by Overcomers of Domestic Violence titled “When a Woman’s Fed Up”, the book titled “What is a Courageous Woman?”, “The MizCEO Book” for female entrepreneurs by female entrepreneurs and “Letters to Our Daugthers”, an empowering book for young girls. She’s been featured in the Huffington Post, Sheen Magazine, on the cover Glambitious Magazine and MizCEO Entrepreneurial Magazine. Dr. Jerry has been a speaker for Air Force and Navy military installations, Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority, Inc., Girls Scouts of America, W.I.S.H. (Women Inspiring Sisters Hearts) and various high schools and youth groups.

Dr. Yolanda Jerry was awarded many major awards and accolades during her 20 years in the Air Force. She served as a Certified Sexual Assault Victim Advocate for 9 years when she was active duty. She also earned her Associate of Applied Science Degree, Logistics in 2008 and Associate of Applied Science Degree, Education and Training in 2012 at the Community College of the Air Force. In April 2018 she was certified as a Life Coach. Furthermore, she received her Honorary Doctorate and also a Humanitarian Service Award in June 2018 from Trinity International University of Ambassadors.

Dr. Yolanda Jerry is a member of Tuskegee Airmen Inc, Lawrence E. Roberts Chapter. She is also a soror of Alpha Gamma Xi Military Sorority, Inc. She resides on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her daughter and fiancé.

Nakita Nici

Bravo Reality Star of To Rome For Love

Nakita Nicci is the breakout star of Bravo Television’s hit show; To Rome for Love she’s also a Lupus Survivor, Award Winning Published Author, Sr. Correspondent for Rolling out magazine and Marketing Strategist who help women with chronic illnesses secure financial freedom, by opening Lanique Virtual Solutions, a boutique call center that allows these women to work from home answering inbound customer service calls for top companies across the nation. After spending nearly a decade working in mortgage operations, sales and marketing for multimillion-dollar brands and startups, Nakita Nicci knows what truly drives conversions, sold-out launches and high profile interviews—and it’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week. It’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them.

Evangelist Tanya Harris

Turning Point Family Worship Center

Evg.Tanya Harris is known throughout the country for her selfless approach to serving others according to the mission laid upon her heart by God. The beauty of her life isn’t measured by academic or financial measures, but more easily quantified by the tens of thousands of lives that have been positively impacted by the anointing God has placed on her life. Baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost since the age of 15 years old, Tanya has always worked in the church doing whatever her pastor or her hands found to do.

Erica Stepteau

Tenacious Queens Academy

A fierce advocate for heart-centered women business leaders, Erica Stepteau is a speaker, best-selling author and affectionately known as the “Queen of Sales Coaching” by her clients. She is the founder of the Tenacious Queens Academy, an online community committed to helping 1 million women entrepreneurs master the art of selling with ease, so they can increase their impact and multiply their money – without sacrificing their freedom.

Erica has always had a passion for sales. She spent 7 years as a sales trainer in the financial industry. Though highly successful, she decided to leave the high pressure, male-dominated corporate world of sales to focus on supporting introverted women entrepreneurs who felt fear and guilt around charging their worth, and who struggled to generate revenue consistently.

Combining actionable business strategies along with a dose of energetic and inspirational messaging, Erica is more than a sales coach. She’s a catalyst, pushing her tribe into their purpose and ushering them into their divine destiny.

Erica has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, FOX News and CBS, and her dynamic approach to sales coaching has taken hundreds of women entrepreneurs from overworked and underpaid, to well-compensated and highly-respected experts in their industries.

Since launching the Tenacious Queens Academy, she’s helped her clients earn over $250,000 collectively and generate 5 figure months individually. Her signature system helps women business leaders radically shift their money mindset, optimize their offers, confidently communicate their value and uncover their profit potential.

When Erica is not mentoring women in business, you can find her carefully curating her shoe collection or trying her hand at interior design.

Connect with Erica at EricaStepteau.com or in her online community, Tenacious Queens Unite.

DeLisa New Williams


DeLisa New Williams is a wife, mother of four, authorpreneur, cutting edge speaker, and media personality. She’s a 3x author and her new book, “No Longer Am I A Baby Mama” is a spiritual self-help book for single mothers and co-parents of blended families. In addition to being a momager, teaching pre-marital classes with her husband, and a media personality for the upcoming talk show The Wives Talk, DeLisa New Williams is a woman who’s calling is to help set the people free from any fears and inhibitions that prohibits them from walking in purpose and obtaining their goals! She also loves connecting and changing the world with other DOPE women. Follow her and find out more at www.delisanewwilliams.com.

Pam Perry

Celebrity PR/Branding Strategist

Pam Perry is an award-winning communications professional. She has been called by Publishers Weekly a “PR Guru” and featured in many major publications, and on more than 100 radio and TV programs. She also has a 20-year career expertise in marketing, public relations and journalism in Detroit.

After working with Pam, her clients have been featured on CNN, TBN, The Word Network, Radio One, Oprah Magazine, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, PBS – and many other major media outlets. Her clients have been offered major publishing contracts, and have created successful full-time careers as “authorpreneurs” earning six-figures.

Known as the master of connecting the right people, for the right project, at the right time – Pam Perry works hard to help her clients brand (and get paid) like a superstar. For more information, visit www.pamperrypr.com.