Please introduce yourself to our audience

I am a spiritual messenger who spends my time empowering people to discover your purpose and live a life of passion. As someone who has been blessed to hear God’s voice since childhood, I have spent years developing my relationship with God to the level where I can now take the tools I have learned through my books and coaching to help you create more happiness, purpose, and success.  My very first published book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose is literally a book written word for word from my answered prayer


Tell us about your business.

As an Author, I have been able to change a person’s perspective from living in fear and limits to seeing their life through the world of potential and through the eyes of truth. As a result of my services as a Personal Development Coach, I take my clients life experiences and turn them into their purpose. I have empowered doctors, lawyers, and women across the world to live a more fulfilled life by providing them tools to discover their own voice, their own worth, and their own contribution to the world. For the past 10 years, I have been able to do this as a published Author, a Personal Development Coach, and Blogger. My purpose is to reach as many people as I can through my workshops and my personal coaching. 

What are you currently working on?

After completing my books Through the Eyes of Truth (A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life & Discovering Our Purpose) and Creating Utopia which were both written word for word from my answered prayers, I am in the process of completing my third book. I am also creating workshops as well as a Podcast so I can reach more people to remind you of your unlimited potential! Since my goals are to continue being a positive voice in the world of so much fear, I try to remain present through my books, coaching, and now through workshops and a podcast as well.

What does the word influence mean to you?

Influence means being fully present in the situation you are in to create positive change. Having spent almost 17 years in Media Sales and Marketing, I have come to realize we are being influenced every moment of our lives but so often we are unaware of it. My goal is to use my God given gifts of writing and coaching to influence you to live your greatest life. To help you realize that you are a Miracle Worker and you were born with the key in your hand to open the door to your greatest life. If I can remind you to look within your own soul and connect to your specific blueprint rather than trying to duplicate the efforts of the world around you, then I feel that I have influenced you in the way that will create a more fulfilled life. 

How do you bounce back after a setback!?

I pray. Then I look at my life through the eyes of truth and ask myself where I have placed fear and limits in my thoughts or my actions. From there, I evaluate my actions and then re-strategize to improve them. Everything you do comes down to creating your goals from an emotional position of love or fear. I look at the setback from a place of a 20,000 foot aerial view so it becomes easier to detach myself from my perceived fear. As a coach, I work with women daily who have given everything they had to achieve their goals, only to come up short. When you step outside of the emotional component, you are able to realize that YOU are the creator of your own goals. If you have not achieved these goals, there is usually a fear associated with accomplishing it, so I help my clients develop an authentic and tangible action plan that allows them to create the next step in the journey. Whatever you do…. don’t give up! The soul only hears truth, so if you have a dream that only you can hear, then this dream is truth. It is your role to create it with God.  

Suzy Bootz

Suzy Bootz

Author, Personal Development Coach, & Blogger

How can people stay connected with you?

You can subscribe to my blogs for inspiration and connection at You can also follow me on social media on Facebook at Suzy Bootz or on Instagram and Twitter @realsuzybootz. If you want to order my book, Through the Eyes of Truth you can find it on Audible or on ITunes as well as print on Amazon.